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Are you looking for unique window coverings? Choose from our custom-made bamboo and wood options or select from a wide assortment of affordable stock-size blinds. If you are searching for raw bamboo and wicker materials such as poles, fencing and webbing or need floor, wall and roof coverings, we’ve got you covered. Coolite Bamboo has the products needed for your landscaping, interior design and product design.
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Specializes in the direct import and manufacturer of bamboo and related products

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Bamboo Furniture Suppliers in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

As your locally owned and operated Canadian bamboo supplier for over 60 years, Coolite Bamboo is a specialist in the direct import and manufacturing of bamboo and related products. Catering to both commercial trade and retail customers, we carry an expansive line of bamboo products at great prices. We offer everything from caning repairs and supplies to bamboo poles, mats, fencing, screens, lampshades, blinds, thatch and rattan furniture. Add a unique touch to your home, business or movie set with quality furnishings, accessories, and much more today. Get in touch with us to inquire about any of our products and services.
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Vancouver’s Reliable Bamboo Store

From new construction projects to repairs, Coolite Bamboo can satisfy all of your bamboo needs and design requirements with professional and personalized service. Stop by our Vancouver store or contact us for more information and suggestions. We are the final destination in your quest for bamboo.


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Kingsley Chong
Kingsley Chong
Bought bamboo poles to make fountain spouts. Expensive.
Sabrina Tong
Sabrina Tong
Came here today looking for blinds! First, the service was impeccable. The woman who helped me, Patricia, was super knowledgeable, patient, and accommodating to what me and my partner were looking for. Second, the prices were soooo good. For the craftsmanship involved in the pieces at the store, I was expecting double what they were asking. All in all, if you’re looking for something bamboo or aesthetically similar, you must go here 🥰
Kaylah Zander-Nuñez
Kaylah Zander-Nuñez
This old-school East Van family business is incredible! They have really unique products that are hard to find anywhere else in the city, a beautiful variety of custom-made blinds and everyone who works there is very knowledgeable and generous.
Robin Olafson
Robin Olafson
Very helpful. So much stock - one stop shopping. Thank you.
Ben Props
Ben Props
Helpful staff
Joe Patterson
Joe Patterson
Best place in town for bamboo blinds and shades
Agustin Ibarra
Agustin Ibarra
Beauty hiden spot whit lovely treasures
Tim Cheung
Tim Cheung
Awesome place for anything Bamboo. We got placemats, Chinese lanterns and bamboo poles for the lights on our patio. Best prices in town. 8 ft 1.5 cm pole was $3.00 a pole. amazing!
Ed Braun
Ed Braun
Great selection of bamboo for fencing projects.